Many togel websites are crooks, but there are more that are legitimate and share similar characteristics to help you choose.

Signs of Legitimate Togel Betting Websites

It is not a secret that online betting games, including togel, attract many scammers and crooks into the market. They set up websites that look legitimate, attract many new members with seemingly enticing offers for bonus and prizes, and after a while, suddenly disappear and take all the money of unsuspecting members. Or, they may start the scam since the very beginning; making all the members put their money into fixed games that they will never win (or even if they win, they can only win a small amount of prize).
Make sure you know your websites before playing with big amount of money.

Signs of Legitimate togel online hongkong Websites
Legitimate togel websites have a lot of obvious signs, but unfortunately, some crooks out there can also make websites that look legitimate. The key to find out which one is legitimate and which one is not is by seeing the main characteristics. Usually, legitimate websites will have active contact means, like YM, Live Chat or SMS numbers that will quickly answer all your inquiries. Since online betting is a business that lies on trust, legitimate websites usually know well to answer inquiries immediately.

Also, when it comes to displaying result of winning numbers and members, legitimate websites usually will be quick and on time according to their announcement results (especially for daily winning announcements). This is because scammer websites usually take time to edit the winning numbers first. So, the next time your website seems to be always slower than other websites in announcing the winner, you may want to at least explore online betting forum to ask about this.

Finally, the withdrawal period is usually way faster in legitimate websites. Many togel websites only need one hour at most and 15 minutes or less at least to send your winning cash. Unreliable or scam websites usually postpone the sending of big winning prize to lucky winners with various reasons (the most often is ‘technical reason’).