Hello Carlos, Great photos, I like the wandering bodies. Great location, beautyfull model and perfect photos. Thanks for sharing. Jan Ladage

Carlos, the photos are absolutely beautiful. I especially like the ones with architectural themes. They accentuate the essentials of architecture: form and light. I hope you continure renewing the gallery so that we can enjoy more of your work.

I enjoyed your images from the brought back past memories when I was into street photography...THANK hi Carlos, your site is simple and nice. your portraits has a lot of power and your wandering bodies has a god ton harmony. Best regards

Hi Carlos, your work I already knew, so it's not really a surprise how gorgeous it looks on your website. What IS a surprise is how easy it is to move around in the website, and how simple it is to go from one picture to the next, always with very little waiting time before each picture downloads in full. Isto em bom português. Nuno.

Dear Carlos Your nude shootings are excelent, (for me in monastery area it's taboo) Your photos they are really professional Congratulations Iakovos hhtp://

Wandering body....the color is good...composition is good but what I find distracting or more confused about is the merger of b/w white photos... Larry Abellera

Great job of capturing the colors of the moment with each photograph. All your images are warm and personable. Would you be interested in displaying some of your work on my site

I like your site very much. Especially the Graphics pictures. The design of the entire thing is very good. Not too much information. Just enough though. If you haven't visited my site, please do. I would also like to know what you think. Joseph E. Flis

Very beautiful images. I love the compositions of the Wandering Body series and also the minimal compositional use of color and shape in your Graphics photos. Very effective. Ian

Would love to share a link. You inspire me o find an old fort in our area to shoot at.

You are a professionist, and each image is perfectly calibrated,excellent colors and excellent cut. No other comments, you are so cleand in every image that it is difficult to find different comments. I like very much your portraits, they are beautifull. Let me say that also the web presentation is "somethink special" for design. Gabriela Rigon

On the artistic level the photos are accurate, but on the sensibility grounds they are SUPERB. The woman crying at the church door is SO touching. And the magnificent young woman body crossing the textures of the ancient tree of Portugal is a MUST. Lillian - U.K.

I am very impressed by your work especially the "wondering body" exhibit and grafismo. Henry Levenson

Hi Carlos, very pleasant to meet a photographer in Portugal, with a eye for forms colors and graphics. Gruss Walter

Be assured that your site found a home in my file of favorites. Adeus desta Luso-Americana nos E.U.

WOW Carlos... your work is GREAT.. you should do photography for a career, not just a hobby! I was not disappointed by a single photograph. However my favorites were by far the following: Graphics: 1,2,3,7,8 Wandering Body: 2,6,8,10,11 Hollyn

First of all, what I wanna know is that from the wandering body gallery, is the primary object the woman or the scene? Because if it is the women then try to focus on the woman in larger portion of the picture, but if it is the scene, why don't you try to place the woman on the side where the objection is just to put some touch to the picture. I like your graphics and portraits galleries where I know for sure the primary object is. In graphics gallery,where you combined buildings with the skies are marvelous, they are really looked natural. Riko


Carlos :Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.Its the sense of mystery and expectation that I'm most captivated by in your nude series. It is so hard to make photographs that invite imagination and wonder and yet you've made it seem so simple. Angelo.

Absolutely Divine! A real treat for the senses! I loved it! Brought back memories... saudades... Joana Santos Canada

Tus fotos son grandiosas, la distribucion del espacio deja una sensacion muy agradable. Me gustaron mucho las de retrato tienen mucha vida, transmiten muchas sensaciones. Muchas gracias por haber visitado mi pagina. Eyelen Lo que mas me gusta de tus fotos, es el espacio,,,,,,,, todos los objetos estan separados por enormes espacios, (no se como lo logras)pues a simple vista parece que estan cerca, pero al momento se siente una distancia enorme.Ana

As a member of the Naturists in America, I can appreciate nude art and I found your Monestary photos wonderful. I loved them and hope you continue on that vein. The color and model and backgrounds all blend to form a single image and very, very good! Danielle Kane

Dear Carlos, Amazing photographs,,, You have a ZEN in you mind,,, You welcome in Australia to share the spirit with me,,, All the best to you,, Jean Dominique Martin

The photographers certainly had a style of their own. The talent is raw and pleasurable. His eye for composition is good and his ability to capture emotion and color very powerful. His nudes in the Monastery were strong, but, I personally would go for a more powerful composition. The woman in most was a "hidden" almost "peeking out" subject that I find to be more distractive than powerful. I think he captured what he was looking for so I have no criticism of his approach, I just would have made the nude woman a strong focus like he did in the black and white where she is the central focus with her body tall and stretched into the arch. These comments are based more on personal taste rather than a please take that into consideration. Certainly a talent in the making. Ron Models Studio

Greetings from Philadelphia, USA. Thank you Carlos for the compliments on my work. I am flattered because I think YOUR work is very beautiful. I particularly liked your candid portraits and your Wandering Body series. The world is certainly linked by creative photographers such as yourself. Charles Hess

I have just looked at your website and if you consider yourself to be a hobbyist I have a long way to go as you have some beautiful images. I couldnt tell you which one I liked best: I liked them all. Thanks for showing it to me. I also have images on another site and .I hope that you enjoy them. Larry Hoth

I love the 4 black and whites in your "Wandering Body" gallery. The female figure provides a perfect compliment and contrast amidst the ruins of St. Cucufate Monastery. These images have a stark, melancholy and sensual edge to them. Keep Creating and sharing, Jaeda

Beautiful intense portraits, ill tell all my friends about your site!Thank you for sharing these wonderful glimpses of life with us. Corrie

hi carlos thanx for your nice mail. had a look at your wonderful page, well, nothing more to say, it´s fantastic photoworks. keep your direction...!!! will surely soon make a link to your page on mine !!! ( ) greetings, christian

Magnificent Picture! They made me feel as if I was there you have capture the wonderful world of art ! Which are the three "Nouns" People > Place> and> Things Tally

hola! el grafismo--fenomenal! I'm really into your mediterrean-like (..though I'm aware of the fact that Portugal is bordering the atlantic ocean..) photography. howevert there's this question in my head: did you work on your pictures using photoshop or any equivalent software? greetings and props from the grain photo group in zurich! nino

Carlos your work is very interesting. I wish I had an old church or something like that to do nudes. Your mixture of Black and White and color are very interesting. You have a lot of depth in your images. When you have more let me know. I have a new portfolio at it is a ghost town in the northern Serria's in California. Let me know what you think. Cheers Jack Pitonak

magical images realized with greatest cure, optimal job. It compliments!!!!! Alessandro Maestra

The pictures were simply exhilarating. Cheers. Bernardo Pereira(Singapore)

you work needs international attention--janmeja

Yours is one of the few worth viewing, Carlos. I particularly like your Wandering Bodies series. The composition, how you captured the lighting, and the conceptual framework. Don't hesitate to keep in touch from time to time, okay?

Exellent, exellent, exellent. Wonderful work with the graphics section-great colors yet simple-lets the viewer think. Also the wandering bodies-great contrast with the idea of a nude woman in a monastary, quite good, I must say. Thank you for sharing this with me.-Sam

I am always fasinated by photographer who are able to capture the type of images that you display in your Portrait gallery. As a photographer, I am aware that it is most difficult to "break" the comfort zone of many people and to reach inside of them and photograph the emotions you bring forth. You have captured this with such simple images that they are truly not only artistic but very introspective. The moods captured in your Wandering Body series is outstanding. Nudity which many times overpowers an image is just a side issue in your photographs. They add so much to the mood of the lighting and the archs within your images that you feel more of the loneliness (For me) of the young lady. Bravo. Truly enjoyed your site and look forward to see more. Sal Rodriguez El Paso, Texas USA

Bold, beautiful, simple . . . thank you for sharing your wonderful work. I am in awe of it. I am inspired. Rachelle, P.E.I. CANADA

Carlos; Sorry it's taken me so long to get this out but between all my projects I've just been busy... I finally got the chance to actually look at your images and I must say that you do have talent. I think that the ones that stick in my mind the most would have to be your "buildingscapes. The basic color foundation plays against a flat image causing the eye to create simple shapes within the frame. This "trick of the light" if you will, strikes me as very intriguing. Also you picture of the negro woman is very contagious. Keep up the work; I hope to see more Gary

Carlos, even though I don't like colour, your pictures are great and I love the way your use of colour. I love the female body and your Wandering Bodies section is amazing. Good work.

I looked through your pages, and your nudes in the abandoned monastery made my heart ache for the ruins of Europe - there is nothing in North America which approaches the beauty of the thousands of years of architecture in Europe. The best of luck with your future work, Take care, Eric Boutilier-Brown Halifax, Nova Scotia

You are a very creative and thoughtful photographer !!!! I'd love to see more of your work. Aray

I would be proud, for you to link with my site very sensitive work !! I can only echo all the praise you have so far attained . Peter Fredrick

You are the artist photograhph. We want to see more of your photost and it is a posible, we made the exhibition in Pghotogallery STOLP in Maribor, Slovenija.

I especially liked: - the first of the black and white images in the "Wandering Body" gallery in which the curve of the arch soars above the woman's body. - the "Peeking Boy" is a charming image - the "Traditional Drummer" is brilliant -- the figure in the doorway was a stroke of very good fortune. - "By the Church" and "While the others sing and dance" are wonderful,mysterious portraits. Ron Hammond

I enjoyed the site though it loaded very slowly here in Beijing! I found the thumbnails too small to make out on several of the photos but when opened they exhibit a mastery of composition and light which is impressive. I would be interested to see more of your Macau photographs since it is a place I know well. Best regards from Adrian Bradshaw, editorial photographer based in Beijing, China

Seen your site and liked it. Keep up the good work, Erik-Jan Geniets

Dear Carlos, First I would like to thank you on your wonderful compliments on my photographic works. I also would like to thank you for your invitation to your web site. I especially enjoyed the images from your book. The journalistic and artistic quality is wonderful in your images. In your "Wondering Body" series something caugth my attention. All your females were almost lost in the grandeur of the beautiful stones and trees. It reminded me how much we are so tiny in the universe. The size of each thing become very relevent to its environement. Spain holds a great place in my heart. Did you even come across the book Dos Contemporanos Nudos II? There will be a new third volume coming out soon. The publisher is in Barcelona Spain. They also publish La Fotografia Actual. My works are featured in both volumes. All the best wishes to you dear Carlos. From Montreal Canada with love. Hera S. Bell

Very impressive images! Keep up the good work. One thing you might consider is posting where one can see your photographs in person (galleries, museums etc.) I make it to Portugal one day I would like to see your photography in person. -M Halberstadt in San Francisco

Carlos, Merci d'avoir visité mon site et de m'avoir adressé vos impressions. Je ne suis que débutante. Vos photos sont extraordinaires par leur graphisme, leurs couleurs, leurs sens. C'est bon, bien construit, percutant...vous êtes un GRAND. J'ai eu un coup au coeur quand je les ai regardées. Me permettez-vous de mettre un lien vers votre site sur mon site? Et puis-je vous demander d'en faire autant? Why not? Au plaisir. Murièle Roland

Hi Carlos, nice photography. I especially liked the old laughing woman. I think it is your best shot. The images are a bit too big though. And I would love to see some nature photography. One point of positive criticism (graphic section) : always think of the message you want to convey with your images.

Carlos, Wonderful work. You have a great eye for composition and light. Beautiful photographs showing the power of the camera in the hands of a talented photographer. Thank you for bringing your work to my attention.

I have greatly enjoyed looking at your photographs. I particularly like your portraits - they are full of feeling. There are some wonderful shots in your Wandering Body section also, although your photographs (such as the monastery ruins) would have worked just as well without the model.

You have a Dear Carlos, You have got a very good eye for graphic forms and figures. I enjoyed my tour on your site and would like to wish you much success with your work also in the future! Amit Bar.

Dear Carlos !!! A good site with nice photographs (especially the Wandering Body). Kumar (

Excellent photos and beautiful site, just a little slow... My best congratulations for your work and researches. Ahura Azan, Professional Photographer,Rome

Dear Carlos - Fantastic work! Exceptional use of light and form in Wandering Body. What a beautiful location for photography, and you capture it on film so well. I find your work to be inspiring.

Hi,Real good work.The portrait of old man is great. fantastic colour.if you want to photograph in india i will assist you. C.V.RAMAN INDIA

Carlos this is excellent work, the black and white images have a wonderful contrast and the color photos in wandering body utilize the natural colors of the church ruins with the models body tones to create a beautiful combo!!

Dear Carlos, Well done on an elegant and professional looking site. The design is clean and simple, which can only help your very nice photos to stand out. I really liked your graphics series, you have inspired me to pull out colour film again, after a long time with black and white. Greetings from Zürich, Switzerland. James Mitchell

Hello Carlos, your photos are very nice. I especially like the "Wandering Body" gallery. You can have my award for the best site of month!

Vos photos sont tres jolie - j'aime especiallement les nus et les graphics. L'architecture chez vous me fait penser aux isles Grec.. Ciao JEFF DUNAS

Love all your work.It was brought to my attention due to family background. My family originally from Lisbon Portugal.Our name also Coelho. Thank you for such BEAUTY!

Dear Carlos, I was really delighted from your pictures. I specially like the fotos "graphics", the light is in harmony with the architecture....I can feel the silence of sunny days in Greece. Very good homepage too. And I like to have a view to your book "As I see it". Irmingard Anna - Enjoy my images too!

believe "Lady Eve" is a truly amazing image, and I really liked your portraits section. Since you say that photography is a hobby of yours, I can definitely say that you love your hobby very very much. Regards, Nico Markobotsaris, Greece

Carlos..I think it is interesting how your work migrates into different mediums...a life time of work showing its wings...the double trees and nudes I love... a mysterious quality...that integrates and breaks down the walls of separation...thank you Gary Brumley http:///

Congratulations for a job well done, and we look forward to seeing more of your works exhibited online in the near future. All the best!Sincerely, Dominique James Photographer (Manila, Philippines)

Looks Great Carlos, I also have been thinking about something simular to your wandering body series and I am going to have to get around to doing it now. Over all your web site is well built and provides an interesting interface. Thanks for the invite Andrew MacKay

Great photographs, Carlos. Very good uses of forms and colours. Though I like your portrait photos the most. I can see a little bit of Cartier-Besson's influence in them. The site itself is well-designed (much better than mine =)). I would like to see more black and white portraits though. I think the use of colour takes away some of the focus from portrait photographs. Thanks for checking out my works. --Leo (

Hello Carlos...checked your site. Very nice..I liked the colours in "Girl in a Moorish Well". Didn't find any pictures taken in Thailand. I plan to visit Portugal/Spain sometime..maybe can shoot together. SANJAY BASU (JAY), Bangkok

I'm very impressed by your photos .. my favorite being 'lady eve' ... the graphics series is very well done ... site design very good as well -Cara

Hi! very nice loking site. I really like the way you are using the light. The wandering body series are my favourites. The light in the indoor photos are very nice. But my top of list are photo no1 with the girl and the tree, both calm and funny with very nice light. I also liked the colors in the photo from the well. Only complaint is that it loaded a bit slow, even with a rather fast connection I had to wait a few minutes for the photos. (but it was worth it) seyaa! bertil Lindgren (

You are a wonderful photographer. Of course, I am partial to nudes, and I enjoyed your nudes very much, but all of your other work was very pleasing as well. Tom Hunscher

Hello Carlos. great gallery, the Nudes & graphics it's a present for my eyes. thanks too for your comentary to my pictures. Bye (03/06/00, Geneva Switzerland). Raul Acevedo.

Bravo Carlos. I liked specially "graphics" and "portraits". You are really a photographer. Thanks. Eros
Hi Carlos - Great Site, loved the wandering bodies section! The locations are superb and the model is stunning! Thanks for looking at my site. Keep up the brilliant work. John